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My XD is alittle more forgiving in the trigger area on finger placement, but the recoil is so much less using the same loads on the M&P, trigger is smoother too.

I paid without trade 539$, and that sounded about average to all the other prices I heard about.

It was like my XD in the way that I picked it up feeling neutral, and it kept saying to me "put me in your holster"

That and the damn salesman kept giving it back to me.... He knew I wanted it.

btw, the trigger is still getting better.

Starting from top to bottom:

Sights: novak, the dots are big on the rear, but I got used to them. They are snag free. I think I'll get tritium later, but these work well for the time being.

Slide: the fish scallops are nice, work better than I had ever imagined. Its a stainless slide, in a melonite finish, and the finish is tough. There is no cocked status indicator. There is a "window" to see if there is a round in the chamber on the top of the slide, you have to look to see.

Slide release: I havn't been able to use it as a release yet, it is as tight as my XD was, and at slidelock is it tight. I'm sure it will break in as my xd has. Right now I just put the mag in and pull the slide out of slide lock.

I get the feeling the slide lock was moved forward for 1911 users with the high thumb hold.

Frame: It is simple, light rail with 3 notches, trigger guard doesn't have the flat spot on the front like the XD. Trigger is plastic 2 pc hinged, has a nice curve to it.

Grip is nice with 3 palm swells. Medium and small fit me, large is huge.

More tonight.. gotta go to work.

ok, left off with the frame.

The mag release is so simple that you can swap sides in 30 seconds.

The "special tool" is located at the bottom of the mag well, you the tool sideways, and it pulls down out of the grip, releasing the replaceable grip.

The release lever is painted yellow, just below the fireing pin when the slide is locked to the rear, you push it down and rotate the takedown lever, and the slide comes off. That just disengauges the sear, you can also insert an empty mag(if you have the mag safety) and pull the trigger and it will do the same thing.

Internals: The guide rode is a captive single flat coil spring, same setup as the XD. The barrel is also similar to the XD. The slide is simple, and I'll get pictures to show you. I also need to get pics of the inside of the frame.

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I paid the same for my MP40 in Calif. I am not interested in the MP9 but would like to see an MP45 soon. I know that S&W will never offer the gun in 10mm but this would be a great addition as they are not making a 10 right now. I do have a 1006 and a 610 both have been discontinued for a while now.

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sh0ck1999 said:
sorry for digging up a really old post, but i have to say those are some really interesting gun pictures i have to say i like your picture of the barrel lockup the best.

No doubt... where can I order a barrel lockup like that?
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