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Something to consider for a custom backstrap?

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I was observing a funny phenomenon this afternoon while taking my M&P40 out for a spin.

I have small hands by all means, but I shot to a certain extent better with the large backstrap. I attribute this to the fact that the "tange" on the large backstrap forces your trigger finger to be slightly more consistent by eliminating any slop on your fingers placement on the trigger. It prevents my finger from working its way towards the joint during manipulation.

So although the "Medium" feels most comfortable, the Large both points and fires most accurate for me. The caveat of the large backstrap is it feels as if I have less of a positive grasp on the weapon when compared to the Medium, because of the larger circumference of the palm area. I was thinking a "Medium" sized backstrap with the addition of a tange would be optimal.

Am I the only one with the freak fit here, or has anyone else had a similar experience?
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I agree, when I did the trigger job it moved the release of the trigger even farther back. That extra piece on the large grip puts a little distance from the trigger. but I did the opposite...I took the LARGE backstrap and grounded down the sides with a belt sander then did a stipple job...came out great! Got rid of that roundish lightbulb it feels almost 1911ish. I'll post pics later tonight.
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