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Soon to be a M&Pc 9 owner

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Hey guys, just wanted to say Hi and I just ordered a compact M&P 9mm through BudsGunShop at the unbelievable price of $439 shipped! Before I found out about the great deal at Buds, I nearly bought a Taurus 24/7. I think I made the right decision. I cant seem to find too many bad things about this gun. I'm excited to get it in a week or so!!
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just bought my mp c 9 from buds this past weekend.. i live within driving distance to the shop in kentucky.. they had a great sale this past weekend and believe it or not.. they beat that online price of 439 by quite a bit in the store.. but congrats i love mine even know i have only made it to the range once..
good to have you
Welcome aboard.
You are going to like this forum and the people here and you are really going to love that little MP! Have fun with it! :wink:
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Welcome to the site...
I just ordered one from Bud's as well. Very pleasant to deal with.

Oh, and I'll be doing my introduction in the proper place soon. Just waiting for my gun. lol.
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