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Finally got a day off to watch my Pats play, and really check out this site. I've been posting for a week now. Sneaking in, posting, and sneaking back out again. I never even opened this category before. So I'm sorry for not introducing myself sooner.

I shoot some IPSIC, some IDPA, and I carry. I shoot 1 gun for all three, limited 10 production in a Milt Sparks VM2.

That 1 gun was an HK USP compact .40, until my buddy insisted I try his S&W M&P 9 at an IPSIC shoot. Never having held the gun, I cleared an 18 shot (2 double tap papers, 4 poppers, and 10 6" steel) course of fire from 12 yds with only 1 miss. I was hooked.

I went home and ordered a Milt Sparks VM2 holster for an M&P .40 (16-22 week wait).

Two weeks later I ordered a full size M&P .40 off gunbroker for $425+$10ship, $25transfer.

I got it this past Monday. Shoots great, feels great, looks great. I can't wait for next Sunday (local IPSIC shoot).

This site is great. Already sent away for my free range bag. Reading about which sight I should buy. Getting into heated discussions about the role of a handgun.

I'm happy to join the M&P family. Thanks.
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