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Hey guys, this might be a total noob question, and I've been poking in and out of the different forums and haven't found anything.

So here it is. When viewing my MP 40 where the barrel sticks out of the slide (with the slide, i wasn't trying to shoot myself in the face), I notice that the barrel doesn't sit centered in the hole. It sort-of just sits on the bottom of the hole, leaving a few blank millimeters between the top of the barrel and the hole in the slide. I've field-stripped and reassembled a few times, but it always seems to just look strange.

Last time I fired everything went well; grouped in the bullseye at 25 feet with a few 9 ring rogues that were most definitely operator error.

Am I just being paranoid? Only reason I can see is because the slide travels backward and the barrel tilts up to set the feedramp in front of the next round; that's why the hole in the slide "favors" the top of the barrel.

Serial number MPJ 30XX, any known issues with that line?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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