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I just got back from the range with the following pistols:

-HK P2000 V3 .40

-SIG Sauer P239 357SIG

-SIG Sauer P220

-S&W M&P .40 full size

-S&W M&P 9mm compact

The .40 just got home from having the mag catch repaired so I was eager to see how that worked out. In a word...flawless after 350 rounds. I hope that holds. I gotta say, that is one smooth shooter. I was playing around with the grips today, small...medium..small...medium...I love the way both feel in a different kind of way, but at the end of the day, I think the medium is the best fit for me. I also feel like it adds just enough additional cushion with the palm swells to make the gun shoot even better! I was drilling 1" groups at 10-12 yards all day at a B27 target. Wonderful pistol.

The 9mm compact has about 850 rounds through her now, and never had a hiccup. The main thing I noticed today was how much smoother the trigger on it is vs the full size .40 I didn't have my full size 9mm to compare, but I hoping it's all about shooting and smoothing, cause the 9mm literally feels like I've had trigger work done. Another amazing pistol. Same with it...playing around with the grips and have pretty much landed on the medium.

Here's the point to the post; I never took the other fine pistols out of their sleeves. I had every intention to wring on the P220 particularly since I haven't shot it in a while. I was for sure gonna shoot my P239 357Sig, another one of my all time favorite pistols. But somehow I just kept loading up M&P .40 and 9mm magazines to capacity. These pistols are the most enjoyable pistols to shooot that I've shot in a long long time. I rarely sell or trade my handguns, but the though occurred to me as I was driving home that I don't think I'm going to keep my USP compacts in .40 and 9mm. I've already kind of replaced the .40 the the, in my opinion, improved P2000. The M&P's kind of have a way of making everything else feel kind of crude. I know for sure the grip on the USP's are much rougher on hands. I will hang on to my USPc .45 though.

Anyway..another fine day at the pistol club. I'm going back tomorrow and hope the mag catch issue with the .40 is a thing of the past!
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