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Currently, this is my fav gun - although, I am awaiting a fullsize P99 (I already have a compact P99 Walther).

Great gun - very underrated.

I shoot it as well as I do expensive 1911s...

Here is a pic - I had the slide hard chromed

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Very Nice. I have LEO buddy who carries the SW99 daily. I wouldn't even begin to venture a guess on how many rounds he has through it. Never a hiccup.

I also have the P-99 fullsize and the compact. My fullsize is in O.D. green.
I want an OD Green Walther, but have had no luck getting the A/S version in green.

Walther quit importing the A/S for a while, and only sold the QA - but they just started sending them to the US again in small amounts - that's why I was able to order one. I hope to have it Thur or Fri.

Too bad S&W stopped making the SW99 - Only the SW990L now...
I'm assuming the difference is in the triggers between the 99 & 990L?
Yes, the SW990L is kind of like a Glock trigger - not DA/SA like the SW99 - It's heavier too.
I like the looks of the chrome. Was that you main reason for the mod? From what I read the factory Melonite finish is probably the most durable finish going. Any special prep beofre the chrome could be applied? Or, did it go right on top of the factory finish? Thanks,

Out West
Well, the melonite is very durable - but just like the Glock - the black outter coating is not the melonite (the black outter coating on the Glock is not the tennifer). The black coating does scratch kind of easy.

But, I don't carry the SW99 anyway. I carry my P99c.. And, after I got it hard chromed, I liked it so much that I did my SW99 the same - I like the two tone look. And, now if I wanted to carry it, it would get zero holster wear. Only way to scratch the hard chrome is to scratch it with another item basically.

As for the placement of the finish. I believe it is done right over the melonite. But as to any special prep - I do not know. I just sent them the slide and they disassembled it and did all the work themselves.
Shipwreck, thanks for the info. I was curious about whether or not Tennifer and Melonite were similar in regards to the outer finish. Not a lot of information on the web about either process. I had read that Tennifer has no color and that Melonite turns metal black. Based upon that I wondered if the Melonite finish was ruined when the black phospate looking finish is removed. I have seen some guys buffing them down to what looks like the stainless base metal. Anyway, the chrome looks cool. You may have stated elsewhere, but who does your chrome work? Can you tell me what it costs and how long you have to wait? Thanks,

Out West
Tripp Research did it - all three of my slides...

Turn around is about 2 weeks. He went up March 1st to $115 including shipping. I also had the docker and the extractor covered in his black polymer cobra coat.

I do not know if I can recommend them, however. I once sent him a 1911, and he pretty much ruined it even w/ 2 chances (I sent it back for him to fix it). I do not think I would go w/ them again.
Thanks Ship. What part of TX are you in? Got a local guy in Arlington TX that can do just about any kind of finish. I may go local. Looking at a SW99OL in 45. I think the two tone would be out of sight on that pistol.

Out West
My wife and I live in College Station. We did live in North Arlington for about 8 months in 2003, but we missed living here and came back.
Hey ShipWreck

Can you tell me if it's posible to fire the smith-wesson 99 with the mag removed? thanks
M*ACP said:
Hey ShipWreck

Can you tell me if it's posible to fire the smith-wesson 99 with the mag removed? thanks

Yes, there is no mag safety in the SW99, SW990L or Walther P99 series...
ShipWreck said:
[quote name='M*ACP']Hey ShipWreck

Can you tell me if it's posible to fire the smith-wesson 99 with the mag removed? thanks

Yes, there is no mag safety in the SW99, SW990L or Walther P99 series...[/quote]

You need to check your individual weapon on that. We are issued SW99s here and they all have magazine disconnects in them
I have the SW99 in .40 and it's my favorite shooter. It's the one I'm most accuracte with and it's the one that I like the looks of the most.

I use WWB for target and Federal Hydroshoks for PD.

I've never had a malfunction with it, ever. It just keeps on shooting.

If I find a nice used one in .45 ACP, I'll probably pick that up.
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I'm selling my 9ve to get a Walther 99c. Just waiting on my taxes to help the purchase along. This will be my carry gun. I just don't know what caliber yet.
I would submit to U that while their are 40 cal fans of the fullsize P99 - EVERYONE seems to regret buying the compact in 40 cal. 9mm has a fair amount of recoil. No one seems happy with the 40 cal P99c.

Go to the Walther Forum - there is a guy there in current threads who is very unhappy and is thinking of magnaporting it. I think this is a mistake, as most ported guns need a lighter recoil spring to make up for the change in timing. And, one cannot get other poundage recoil springs for the P99c's.

Come check out the handgun forum too. We have a large Walther P99 following there - I think I've convinced 12 or 13 people online to buy a Walther p99 in the past couple of months
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Well I found out last night that the sale of my 9ve fell thought. I might have to take it up to the store that I wanted to buy the walther at. I'll see if I can get a good trade or leave it on consignment. If things go right and the 99c does come home with me it will be the 9mm.
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