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Tac Light on a Compact?

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Hello all. First time poster here.

I got a couple M&P's in to T&E: A full size 40SW and a compact 9. Sadly with moving to a new house and the weather, I haven't had time to shoot them yet, but I've pawed them both enough that I'm thinking of putting some of my Glocks up for sale.

Anyway, I have X200's and M3's and neither will fit on the compact. About the only other light I would consider at this point is the TLR1. Anyone know if this one will fit?

Thanks in advance.
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TLR-1 will not fit either (tried it, it's too long, at least with the key I have in it...maybe if you try a 1913 key from streamlight). Only the Insight X2/X2L will fit I believe.
I have a compact M&P also.I had tried a Insight XML at my local gun store and it fits perfect.The Insight X2 is exactly the same also.I haven't purchased it yet but will here soon. It looks great mounted on!
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Seems like SureFire could manufacture a new plate with the locking lug farther back for smaller guns. They'll probably make a new $250 light though so folks will have to buy that.

Thanks for the replies!
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