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Looking at a Rev M M&P40 at a local shop. It's used but in like new condition. I have noted the Rev N mods are not there. After reading through these forums, I'm getting a mixed message on if I should buy this gun or wait for another with the Rev N stamping. Opinions? I'm thinking about re-entering into USPSA competition and thinking of the M&P for a "Production" class gun. If there are truly striker issues and "Primer Flow" issues with the older revisions, I'm thinking the wait is advisable. When I'm competing, I will normally expect to cycle 4000-5000 rounds a year (1500-2000 in competition and 2000-3000 "practicing"). Sounds like the failure rate/incidence for the striker breakage "could" put me through several replacements in a year's time.

Is there "real" issues with the earlier M&P's to be concerned about?
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