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Testing 1, 2... is this thing on?

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My nick is MI_Jester and I go by Jester... so I'll have to figure out what to do since there is already someone here with that nick.

I am looking to pick up my first pistol since I am now gainfully divorced
I am a big fan of the HK USP, but while looking around I found the M&P. Prefering to spend my $$ where it will go in the pockets of other Americans, I think I have found my new toy.

I have been an instinctive shooter all of my life and played semi-pro paintball for years. I also shot 100 and 200 yard competition when I was in a youth leauge. I haven't owned any firearms since then (except for the paintball guns, which are technicaly firearms in Michigan). Once I find an FFL to do the transfer, I will pick it up through Buds or do a LE purchase. I heard that S&W was giving a badge discount. I don't have one, but my best friend is a county mountie.

I am a sagatarius, like long walks on the beach under moonlight, and... oh wait. I've been filling out too many dating profiles.

Jester (the other, other, white meat)
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