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ArmyCop said:

Hey, does the BG wanting to commit a crime get to the door and think "Oh, It's not legal for me to carry here - I guess I'll have to go somewhere else to rob, kill or whatever."?

Of course not. He's gonna do it wherever - so you and I should be able to be prepared "legally" to defend ourself s too.

Just when I though I had helped to elected a bunch of idiots to office I am proven wrong. I am really surprised that Texas was not the first state to have a shootout on campus as its a Felony to carry a weapon on campus in this state. Its not even a matter of school policy, its a matter of state law. I just sent a nice little letter to Gov. Perry praising his statement and plan of action. The sad part is that someone in Alabama saw this before I did, and the station that broadcasted the story is right down the road from where I work in Arlington LOL!! Either way, Im sure any little coward suicide commiting punk kid could give two $hits if its a felony to have a gun on campus!! I have personally been carrying it on campus anyway as I figure I would rather face those charges after I have shot the criminal that is trying to mow my class down because we are locked in sheep at the slaughtering house!! I DO NOT care, I do not want to die that way!! I keep it tucked away and the bag NEVER leaves my side no matter where I go!! Thanks for bringing this article to the spotlight.
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