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That Sigma Trigger?

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I've been shooting a SW40VE for about 14 months now. I love the reliability and egronomics of the gun. It's the trigger that's really starting to bother me. I don't shoot it much better than my two inch J-Frame .38--which isn't bad, but is bad for a full-sized combat pistol. The Sigma has the potential to be a good shooter with a decent trigger. Any suggestions on improving the trigger?
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If you go to the smith and wesson forum, there is a detailed post on a trigger modification that many folks seem to like. Requires remvoing an extra spring, if I recall. I bet some polishing would always help, too.

I never did anything to the trigger on the Sigma had, but I probably should have. Might have held onto it longer...
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I did the trigger mod mentioned on my 9VE. It did lighten the pull somewhat. Due to paranoia over reliability horror stories, I've since changed it back to stock and polished up all contact points. Polishing does help to a degree. By concentrating on the fundamentals and lots of dry-fire practice, I've gotten to the point that I can shoot it with pretty good results.
Sigma 1st model trigger

I have a first model sigma sw9c that I have run about 2000 rounds thru of various makes and types. I dry-fire the heck out of it, also. The trigger got alot smoother (and it seems lighter) the more that I dry-fired. Maybe yours will also. It is a great shooter, by the way.
Sigma Shooters Learn Trigger Control...

It's been a while since I posted here but I think this is a good time to add another 2 cents ( that makes about 52 cents now). I hope this doesn't sound like a brag but I was at the range a couple days ago with several shooting buddies. They all had good guns like a Sig 229, several Kimber 1911's, Springfield Micro compact, etc. I was shooting my two MP's, a 40 & a 9mm compact and my S & W 686, 357 revolver . We were all swapping guns to let each of us try out different guns.

Now for the brag part and why I'm putting this in the Sigma thread. I was shooting pretty good with my guns and each of their guns. In fact I was shooting smaller groups with their guns than they were. The only reason I can come up with is that my 2nd auto pistol was a SW9VE with that so called, atrocious trigger. I learned trigger control with that trigger by dry firing and shooting it over & over at the range. I think every shooter should break in on a Sigma trigger, then they can shoot about anything pretty accurately. :wink:

My Sigma has still never had any kind of failure and I'll never part with it.
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I had to try that reduced power striker spring..It did help with the trigger pull,but I ended up putting the original spring back..Why ?? Well it seems that things get better with lots of use and dry firing..Things got great and then the light strikes started..Thought it might be the ammo but it worked in other guns..Put the original spring back and have had no light strikes from that and other batches or reloads..The trigger is much better than when new also..
I put the Wollf spring in my 40VE and it helped quite a bit. I also polished all of the contact surfaces on the sear assembly (sear block in grip), as well as the striker contact face. This helped a bit on the pull weight also, but also made the trigger pull much smoother feeling.
i used the trigger assembly from a glock 19 with 3 1/2 lb trigger bar.

it required some minor fitting, but so far has been 100% reliable.
9VE AF Model heavy trigger pull

I just talked to S&W about the heavy trigger pull on this pistol. I asked if they could do anything to make the trigger smoother/easier to pull. They said that they wouldn't do anything to fix the trigger that it is how they designed it and it must stay within the original S&W standards. I asked about putting a new spring in or polishing as I've seen on some sites, their response was that either of these modifications would void the warranty. It looks like we are in a NO WIN situation.
Sigma Trigger

I have owned a SW40F just about since they started selling them. Many say that is has the worst trigger of any S&W....Not really. You may have heard this before but the Sigma's double action design required a heavy trigger pull. This is your "Safety Valve", when your are about to shoot you have that heavy trigger that gives you "One Last Chance" to be sure that you are want to pull that trigger. I have an M&P that has a "Good " trigger right out of the box althought some of the guys prefer a 4-4.5lb pull. I have a 1911 that has a 4.5 lb trigger but it has safeties, a double action pistol has NO safeties. On the other hand rapid fire and target shooting just require practice and trigger control. You need to shoot your Sigma in a defensive pistol atmosphere and you'll see you won't think twice about the trigger.......Just my opinon
RJHauser, what did it take to get the Glock trigger set in?

This sounds like a really interesting action that would make a much better trigger. How much work? Cost? Where did you get the parts? Range report. Thanks. Keep shooting.

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