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Well, after sending my full size .40 back to repair a faulty magazine catch, (it keeps popping free after about the 12th or 13th round of a full 15 round magazine), and having it repaired. The repair letter said "found faulty magazine catch"..."replaced".

Well, the first range trip to the range and about 300 rounds were flawless. I assumed it was fixed. Today during the 3rd full magazine it starting happening again, and did so for about 5 mag fulls in a row. Then it shot fine for another 3. I'm SURE I'm not touching the mag release button, but damn if I wasn't hoping I was. It was diagnosed as "broken" before by Smith but I'm afraid, this one ain't going to get fixed. Maybe a new frame or pistol is in order.

In any event, I'll place the call tomorrow and start the process over again. VERY discouraging experience for what has become my favortie pistol line. So far the full size 9 and compact 9 hvae been great, (although now that I'm starting to watch closely, the extractor isn't the most authoritative one I've seen on a pistol on the full size. The brass kind of tumble out of the gun.

I'll keep you posted :roll:
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