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Hi to everyone.

A little background:

• I'm a longtime 1911 fan, and I carry and compete with them in USPSA and IDPA matches.

• In the last few years I've discoverred the Browning Hi Power (I'm still wondering what took me so long), and have used one successfully in IDPA matches.

• Relatively new M&P owner (guess we all are). I bought a .40 to replace a Beretta 96 as a nightstand gun, but have shot IDPA with it and done well. Liked the .40 so much, I just acquired a 9 mm to use in competitions so I can keep the .40 at home.

• Don't know that I'll ever carry the M&P (I like skinny guns for carry -- compact 1911 or a Kahr P9), but I really like the ergonomics and the simplicity of operation.

I've already learned a great deal about the M&P from just a bit of lurking here. Hopefully I'll have something to contribute in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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