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The compact is now in full CCW duty

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Last night sealed the deal. Ive put 500+ rounds of all kinds of ammo through the gun and not a single blip. So for right now the Walther will take a vacation in my safe while the compact comes with me.
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dlcrouch said:
try any jhp?
Ived used 3 different types of JHP.

1. Federal 115gr +P

2. Winchester White Box 147gr

3. Remington Golden Saber 147gr
How many total rounds have you put through it at this point?
I have more than 700 total rounds through the gun.
Sounds good, I'll probably have to get a compact pretty soon :wink:
Compact in a Kangaroo....

My 9mm MP compact shoots almost as accurately as my fullsized MP40 considering the shorter barrel. I love both of these guns. The compact fits nicely in a Kangaroo holster. When packing this way I forget I'm carrying. 8)

My MP40 and SW9VE both fit the IWB Crossbreed holster. I've had a little problem getting used to the Crossbreed though and it's only comfortabe with cold weather clothing. :roll:

My simple little slide holster works quite well under most circumstances with either.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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