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The M&P for LE duty weapon

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First off I am brand new to this site, I enjoy reading the threads about a pistol i just fell in love with recently. I was at my local gun shop browsing when I was shown the M&P 40 it was love at first sight. it was a little expensive so I added it to my wish list. I was surfing the net in search of more info on this really cool pistol when i found a gun shop having a sale on them and I could not resist the $399 price so i bought it.

So thats how I came about owning it, now I carry a Glock 22 on duty. but i just got approval to qualify with the M&P 40 and carry it. I was fortunate enough to get one without the mag safety, the biggest complaint I have is the breakdown of it, it was close to be disqualified for carry for that reason. despite its one flaw I think it is a great weapon i am slowing convincing the firearm instructors at my department of that fact.

I have to overcome a few obstacles like finding a good retention holster for duty carry, I carry my glock in a safariland raptor. i hope to find one similar to that.

Right now it is what i carry off duty in a galco holster its great.
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If you do a search, I believe there is a Safariland ALS model for the M&P. If you need a light they have the 6280.

What is wrong with the disassembly?
What part of the break down would disqualify it?

I can suggest the Serpa for duty, I sell them(have the black in stock), I will soon be selling the Safarilands also. I love the way they both work.

Glad to hear another convert.
Jester, which Safarilands will you be getting in stock?

I think it is because my sargent and other firearm instructors are die hard glock fans and they like the simplicity of the glock. so all those extra steps to break it down is not good.(to them) the thought behind that is if you really know your weapon you will not have a negligent discharge when breaking it down.

Now i am an Iraq war veteran and while in country we had to have all kinds of rules in place to prevent soliders from negligent discharges. because the bottom line not all people are gun nuts and it is that way in police departments as well I know some cops that do not even own there own weapon all the have is there department issue duty weapon. so i fully understand the reasoning behind S&W choice to build the M&P the way they did.

The challenge is to convert the die hard glock fans to the future of semi autos

Thanks for the tips on holsters I will check them out
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When they get a AD/ND going through the station because someone didn't check the chamber they may change their mind

I agree with you, S&W designed it that way to prevent AD/NDs. Not everyone is very gun savvy, and even then people can have brain farts. This is one minor step imo to prevent these discharges.
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matt7184 said:
Jester, which Safarilands will you be getting in stock?

Lemme get back with you to be sure...
Without stepping on Jester in his house, I've been there, done that with the Serpa. I would call it marginal for a duty holster. I currently run a Safariland ALS (Model 6351?) with the Glock 22 at work. It is smokin' fast, retains the pistol very well, and is very simple in design and operation. The one down side is that it conceals poorly. (I find that very few S'land poducts conceal well.) For a duty rig, you're gonna have to look far and wide before doing better than the ALS. (Note: I do not care for the SLS/ALS combo - YMMV.) I believe the ALS holster for the M&P is available now.
No poblem about stepping, If you have good products, speak up. I know safariland is what all else try to mimic.

Reccomend what safariland holsters you like and I'll try to get some on hand.
Here is what I would recommend to stock:

6004, 6280 and the equivalent versions with the ALS. Also versions that fit a Streamlight TLR-1 or a Surefire X200B. I would hold off on ordering 6004s as they are supposed to come out with a new shroud after SHOT that has one strap and holds the gun higher.

Also, some of the M&P holsters are still special order for the M&P. In a few months when the M&P gets even more popular, Safariland may start stocking some of these so there is no month long wait.
Jester, the S'land part number stamped on the back of my holster is 6351 17 06. That is the ALS only, belt slide, fine-tac (?) finish. This fits the G22. I also notice "6351-88" stamped into the body of the holster itself. I hope this helps.

Like a lot of folks, I'm kind of a holster junkie. For various reasons, weapon retention is a big issue with me. It is my belief, based on wearing various holsters (including the Serpa) in the real world and working weapon retention in a mat room/training setting, that the ALS system is the best thing going at this time.

It is not my intention to single out the Serpa for criticism. They obviously work fine for some folks. I was wearing a Serpa (early adopter that I am), but I could never quite get past the release mechanism. I feared that under stress (such as someone trying to chop off my head and mount it on a post), that my trigger finger would contract as I pressed the button and I would do the BG's job for him by putting one thru my ankle. I found my draw measurably slower despite a concerted effort to work thru all that. As much as I wanted to like the Serpa, when the ALS came on line, I made the switch ASAP.

I have none of the above misgivings with the ALS. The construction of the holster itself can only be described as overbuilt. Insert the pistol, tie the rig to your bumper, drive home, it'll all be there when you get there. It's tuff. No crook is going to rip this thing apart/off your belt. It took a couple of sessions in the mat room before I got comfortable with that little plastic piece actually retaining the weapon - but it does. What remains to be seen is how the retention device that hooks into the ejection port wears over time. I can see where that corner may get worn/round off. I have been keeping an eye on mine - so far, so good. When it does get worn, I'm thinking that S'land will provide a new part. One allen screw is what secures it in place.

As well as the ALS retains the pistol, it releases it when needed. This holster is as fast as any holster having any sort of retention can be. In fact, I doubt an open top holster (inappropriate for duty wear) would be any faster. I have a cohort who I have been trying to convince to switch to the ALS from his OWB thumb-break holster. He won't make the jump. He says that when under stress, he is afraid he won't be able to find the release button on the ALS. I think he is selling himself short. Releasing the weapon mimics a thumb-break very closely. I don't even consciously think about releasing the weapon, I simply close my hand over the top of the gun and it just happens. The drawstroke is very fluid.

Overall, the ALS is a keeper. I don't see myself switching to anything else for a very long time. And again, I am a holster junkie.

[I didn't mean to tunr this into a commercial for the ALS, but it is good gear and it makes me happy when I help others get good gear.]
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Does anyone know what will help brain farts?
akr said:
Does anyone know what will help brain farts?
I can't remember if it was eat more fish or eat less beans???
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My PD is in the process of switching to the MP's now. Ive already got mine and are issuing the Safariland (dont remember the exact model number) w/ the SLS (rotating hood) and ALS. Ours also has the Sentry lock. Very good duty holsters, very fast, very secure.

Safariland currently does not make the SLS/ALS w/ the light attached for duty holsters, but they are coming in the next 6-8 months. They have to make them for first for standard frame Glocks, then Sigs, then MP's. I just attended the Safarliand class a few weeks ago and told w/ the reps/instructors.

For SWAT thigh holsters, we issue the SLS (rotating hood) w/ the light attachment. Once Safariland makes the SLS/ALS for duty (hip) carry w/ the light attachment, we'll be switching to them. Our CID is carrying the ALS only. Good holsters, very fast, very secure. They are definitely the best for duty Ive found yet and Ive played with about everything I can find.
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Dan Burwell said:
[quote name='akr']Does anyone know what will help brain farts?
I can't remember if it was eat more fish or eat less beans???

I bet it's the beans.
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The 6351 for the M&P is a great holster, and it is available directly from Safariland. Seems that none of their dealers have them in-stock, so if you want one asap, ordering from Safailand is the way to go.
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