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The pencil test...

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OK, so the pencil test goes something like this.

Stick a pencil down the barrel of your UNLOADED gun that is cocked while pointed up. Pull the trigger, and it shuld launch the pencil.

Except most M&P owners seem to not even clear the barrel, wheras other guns launch it a foot or more in the air. Is there something wrong with this?

Well first off, my M&P is on par here. However, having a several boxes of unsharpened ticonderoga #2s at my disposal, I played around with the M&P and other guns and noticed some iteresting things.

1) the M&P will shoot a pencil plenty high is you put the unsharpened end in first.

2) the M&P actually seems to put holes in the eraser

3) my two 1911s and baby eagle do not put holes in the eraser.

My conclusion is that I think the M&P is delivering plenty of oomph, but theres something weird about it.

Feel free to chime in with your theories and observations.
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It's definitely different: I bought a 9mm Bullite and the M&P will not fire the thing. OTOH, the M&P does a real number on my son's colored pencils
and real 9mm ammo and the Bullite fires just fine in another 9mm auto we tried.

Supposedly Rovatec is going to send me a new Bullite back end to see if it will work. I've been waiting for months now... :roll:
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