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Thinking about a 4013TSW

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Thinking about getting a 4013TSW, while I wait for the compact M&P40 to come out, or .45 either one will do. Does anybody have good things, bad things to say about the 4013TSW???
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I have two of the 4013TSW's - pre rail. I love mine. Also have the regular 4013 with the single stack magazine. I can tell you that the TSW shoots easier. Supposedly the TSW barrel lug is engineered to slightly increase the lock up duration when firing and this results in less recoil. Barrels look the same to my eye, but the TSW's do shoot smooth. Also, they are very accurate: mine shoots to point of aim every time. I like it well enough that I am not quite convinced that I need the new compact M&P - whenever it finally gets here.

Then again, I have more pistols than I need already, but always seem to find more room in the safe. Don't think you can go wrong with the 4013 TSW.

Out West
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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