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I never even heard of this company until I looked at the MP-Store.

Does anyone have any comparisons between this and other Kydex gear. Generally I stick to Comptac since I have had good service and the products are great, but I am always looking for gear improvements.

Also a question for Jester. It says they come in black as well. Any chance for a Brown or Tan in the future?

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We stocked what was popular at the time.

I'll tell you. If your looking for an IDPA holster, this one is great. I don't use one for carry because the retention is alittle less than what I'm comfortable with in carrying concealed. I stick to the Blade-Tech SRB for that. I will be using it when I start IDPA again in the spring. It is a very fast holster.

I believe I carry it in gray RH also.
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