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I have the TLR-1 and use it on duty with my M&P. Recently I picked up the Streamlight "key" kit because I also have a Walther P99 and the rail on the P99 is not standard and requires one to change the "key" or locking block. The "key" is also marked as the SW99 and can be used with the TSW series of Smith and Wesson handguns.

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but there is a bit of play (slop) in the light when mounted to the M&P in the form of front to rear slippage by a few millimeters until the light is tightened down.

While playing with the "keys" that came with kit (3 of them), I decided to try the one marked "1913". This "key is supposed to mount to a standard 1913 picatinny rail such as used on rifle rails used to mount various accessories.

I am pleased to report that the use of the 1913 "key" on the TLR-1 (and probably TLR-2) when used with the full size M&P virtually eliminates any slop and play in the fit of the light when mounted before tightening it down.

Since the M&P is my primary duty weapon when a light is needed and I have holsters to allow carry with the light attached I am going to leave the 1913 "key" installed on the light. The light will work and does fit without changing the "key", but the fit is better with it. ..........Just thought it was pertinent information for the forum
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