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Went to a 3-gun match whereI shot my franken-ar and my mossburg 590a1 as well as my M&P 40. It was also my first match running major power factor .40 ammo, and the first factory .40 ammo through my M&P.

I had one failure to feed with 180gr remingotn UMC. Which in theory is about 169pf. They could honestly use a better crimp from the factory, and their funky bullets are rather odd on the front. I use plenty of the brass in my handloads without issue.

I did discover one aspect of the M&P that was mildly negative though. Namely that when I was wearing a glove on my left hand for shotgun reloads, about half the time I was getting some glove pinched in between the magazine base and the gun when doing a reload, and failing to seat the mag all the way. On the upside, it confirmed how much i like the simple manual of arms and the ergonomics of the M&P with the new style slide release. When fixing the problem, everything was right where I wanted it to be in terms of controls.
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