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torn between 9c and 40c

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okay i have a full size 40, and i want to pick up a compact. now i can get a 9c and have cheaper ammo and larger round count. But then i would have to buy different clips for each gun and ammo. I'm not sure i would want a 40c, i can handle a 40 and a 45 and 357 mag just fine. but being a small guy, im not sure how a 40c would feel with recoil.

if i get a 9c i would then be confused on rather to keep the 40 full size or switch to a 9mm!!

sigh the options dont end there, no doubt i will be picking up a 45 mp.

anybody have some insight or thought on the real difference in calibers and recoil. I had a full size nine, a carbine nine, and a kel tec 380 (snappy little gun). I also have a pistol grip mossberg that i shoot with no problems. Right now i feel the .40 is the best of both worlds, fairly large caliber, stoping power, plus good round count.
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As someone who has owned multiple models/calibers of Glocks at the same time, I can tell you this can get tricky. It's hard to make a sure recommendation without ever firing the M&P .40 compact.

At one time I had 3 different guns that I carried depending on the circumstances. The problem was I had 3 different calibers. 9mm, .40, 357sig.

I don't feel undergunned at all carrying 9mm. With modern self-defense ammo, the difference b/t the calibers is negligible. For this reason I am slowly going to 9mm across the board. The problem I have right now is hunting laws. I am an avid hunter; and I always carry a handgun with me. The law in Oklahoma in regards to hunting with a handgun states you have to use a minimum of .40 or 357Sig.

I want a compact also. But I think I'm going to wait and see how the M&P .40 compact behaves. I have a lot of experience with both the Glock 26 and 27. I love the Glock 26. The Glock 27 has enough recoil, that I prefer the Glock 26 for training and carry. I can handle the recoil, but it is stiff. I think the recoil of the M&P .40 compact won't be as bad as the Glock 27, but I don't know for sure.

If you can wait until the compact .40 comes out, wait and see how well it shoots. If you don't have a problem carrying 9mm, then trade your fullsize .40 for a 9mm. It is much easier to have the same caliber in multiple guns. But sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. If you plan on carrying both guns at the same time, then the caliber needs to be the same.
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bobbthompson said:
... Reloading only makes sense if you really like shooting a lot. If you can't, or don't shoot a lot, don't get into reloading.

Reloading also makes sense if you want some extremely accurate, or light recoiling, cartridges.

Reloading gives you complete control over the finished cartridges.
cb900f said:
...In addition to more fire power, the shotgun is way more intimidating to an intruder than a handgun especially when they hear that "chunk-chunk" of a round being chambered.

There are advantages to a handgun in close combat situations such as a house, especially if you have a wife and/or kids.

The purpose of a weapon is not to intimidate someone. If your handgun does not intimidate a home intruder, then you get to show him how it works...

The only thing a "chunk-chunk" will do is give away your position. Always try to keep the element of surprise.
cb900f said:
The only down side to the AR-15 is that for me, my next door neighbor may not be to happy when those .223 bullets come sailing through his walls. I've got a 30-06 in the house but if I were to use it, I may have neighbors in several houses upset or dead.

Despite what most people believe, most .223/5.56 bullets do not penetrate hard barriers well. Usually a layer or 2 of sheet rock will cause the bullet to fragment. And if you have a brick/stone home, you have nothing to worry about.
You should find some building material scrap, and go shoot it.

You might be surprized.
I really think if you are using your AR for home defense you should use a round made for that specific purpose. A good example is the Hornady TAP. Police agencys around the country use ammo like this because it works better at stopping people than XM193.(usually)

If you read the descriptions here, it talks about the penetration and fragmention characteristics of these bullets.
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