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torn between 9c and 40c

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okay i have a full size 40, and i want to pick up a compact. now i can get a 9c and have cheaper ammo and larger round count. But then i would have to buy different clips for each gun and ammo. I'm not sure i would want a 40c, i can handle a 40 and a 45 and 357 mag just fine. but being a small guy, im not sure how a 40c would feel with recoil.

if i get a 9c i would then be confused on rather to keep the 40 full size or switch to a 9mm!!

sigh the options dont end there, no doubt i will be picking up a 45 mp.

anybody have some insight or thought on the real difference in calibers and recoil. I had a full size nine, a carbine nine, and a kel tec 380 (snappy little gun). I also have a pistol grip mossberg that i shoot with no problems. Right now i feel the .40 is the best of both worlds, fairly large caliber, stoping power, plus good round count.
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I use both 9MM and 40 S&W pistols. The Wally World WWB 165 Gr. FMJ 40 S&W ammo is almost the same price as 9MM (about $.20 per round with tax) for both cal. when you buy the 40 S&W in the 100 rd. economy box and it is good for range work. I use Winchester Ranger SXT for carry and both types of ammo shoot about the same POI in both guns. So even when not reloading ammo price is not much if a factor. I to found that at first I was more accurate with the 9MM but after several hundred rounds of practice with the 40, I now shoot about the same with either.

But Yes, if I am defending my home, I'll grab my Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 Ga. with 8 rounds of 00 Buck not a handgun. In addition to more fire power, the shotgun is way more intimidating to an intruder than a handgun especially when they hear that "chunk-chunk" of a round being chambered.
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The only down side to the AR-15 is that for me, my next door neighbor may not be to happy when those .223 bullets come sailing through his walls. I've got a 30-06 in the house but if I were to use it, I may have neighbors in several houses upset or dead.
And if you have a brick/stone home, you have nothing to worry about.

Houses around here we're talking 1/2 in. of drywall, 3 in. fiberglass insulation, 1/2 inch of foam sheeting and plastic siding for an outside wall. I don't think a couple of these walls will frag a .223 bullet. At least I wouldn't want to bet my neighbors life on it.
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