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Trigger Finger Placement - Hurting Finger

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I had noticed that the M&P trigger seems to give my finger a pinched feel after several shots. After some investigation, it appears to be from when I place the pad of my finger on the very bottom of the trigger. This causes about half of my finger pad to be off the trigger. I can see an indentation running halfway through my finger pad. I asked my daughter if she had this issue with the M&P, and she never has. And I have never heard anyone mention it here. So it must be unique to me.

To solve the problem, I've started to consciously move my pad up the trigger until it is all on. That seems to solve the problem.

This is not an issue on the XD trigger. I can place my pad anywhere on the USA trigger. But then again, maybe I need to adjust the way I use the trigger.

Any of you had this experience?

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I have noticed this to. On my XD I could also do what you said, but on the M&P I had to place my finger on it the "right way". I also found out I shoot better like that.
I don't have that problem, must be because of my short finger.
probably, I have long fingers, and have to "choke up" on the trigger.
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