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Have a M&P 45acp that I purchased several years ago. This is not a gun I shoot often, primarily a nightstand gun. When I first got it I immediately installed the APEX block and sear kit. Remembering back I considered it a great upgrade. Took it to the range today and thought the trigger was horrible. Very spongy and not crisp at all and way to much travel. What's the deal ? Thoughts? Is it because I am used to much better triggers on my 1911's and shield?
No doubt.
I’m a 1911 guy with over 34 years of carrying them, after Uncle Sam issued me my first in the early ‘70’s.
Nothing can beat the trigger on a 1911; unless it’s the single action pull on an older S&W revolver. Even my new three-inch Colt Python can’t beat a good 1911 trigger pull.
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