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You probably get alot of this, but I am appreciative and wanted to say so!

I have done trigger work on S&W revolvers/ Rugers and 1911's but this was my first for an M&P. Read the instructions on Dans site and dove in Sat. am. First off I would not do a trigger job on this pistol for anywhere near Dans price. I am anal, so it took me hours of studying, tearing apart, blueing the parts, making cuts and refitting...probably about 15 times. I now have a smooth, no grit trigger of about 4 lbs. Reset takes about 3/8" of slide movement. Trigger pull to me is 2 stage with the first bit of travel smoothly puching up the firing pin safety with a clean break with almost no creep for the sear release.

Thanks for the instructions and this for some range time after I get through with a Hill Country ride this weekend.
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