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Ok, I have done the steps in Dan's guide. I still am not satisfied with the trigger. It is lighter, but it is still mushy. I know that I will never have the crisp break like my 1911, but what should I work on to make it better? It seems like I should work on the back of the sear where it grabs the striker, but what should I do to it?



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To get a crisper trigger you must lessen the Sear to firing pin engagement. But be slow and carefull. This is a gun that has part of the trigger system in the slide and part in the frame. If you go to far as the gun shoots looser it will follow or go full auto. Make sure you check the gun with the magazine inserted. If your gun happens to be a little loose this pushes the slide up and will effect the sear firing pin engagment especially with a loaded magazine. GOOD LUCK CHECK 360 David Bowie

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Bigbadaboom said:
How do I make it go full auto???? :twisted: :twisted:

1st, figure it out.

2nd, go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200$.

Its not hard to figure out once you see how the trigger job is done.
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