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Truncated cone

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9mm 124-125 grain.. anyone load these for the m&p in 9mm.. any troubles feeding? accuracy ? feel ?.

I'm looking at maybe changing from the 147's.. down to the 124's.. and seems like a lot of them are cone shaped.. also thinking of using either lead or Precision bullets..

any preferences in lead bullets ?

Loads ? i've been using Titegroup and have 231 avail..

the 147's are ok but i thought i'd try the 124's out for accuracy etc..

Thanks for any info.

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I've not loaded any for the M&P, but in all other guns for which I've loaded TC bullets, they feed as well as FMJ. I expect the same would be true for the M&P.


Titegroup is a good pistol powder. Berry's Bullets are a good choice, they are plated and pretty reasonable in price.
Precision all the way baby. I love the 124 and the price you can't beat. I have to check but I think I use like 3.7 or 3.8 grns titegroup with a 124 precision and it works great for target stuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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