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Got a call yesterday from the range where I left my m&p 40c. They offered to send it back to S&W for me to get the mag drop problem fixed.

Told me the serial number on the pistol didn't match the one one the box it came in! I thought this would be a problem since I registerd the gun for warranty purposes using the serial number on the label on the box. Went and picked it up today and took it back to the gun shop where I purchased it and told the clerk about the serial number mix-up and he kind of shrugged his shoulders and chuckled and said so what's the problem? I the proceeded to explain that I had a rather huge problem with them not taking the time to correctly match the gun to the correct box and I expected a better responsre from him on the matter considering how much money I've spent there on gun and ammo purchases over time.

Well the boss man overheard me and jumped in to save his clerk and assured me they would make everything right for me, offered to send the gun in for repair, and even gave me 2 free boxes of ammo for my trouble.

It remains to be seen if S&W will remedy this problem for good or not, but at least I'm hopeful for now. I will keep y'all posted.
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