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Used Duty Holster?

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Im looking for anyone that has a used duty holster to fit the m+p maybe around the double retention area with a mag pouch.. im going to need a cheap set just for qualifying before i get on an agency.. wish me luck on my job hunt
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Why do you need to qualify before you get hired?
Thats just the way some of the agencies run there process around here. Mind you the majority of agencies around here are not like that; however the one that i am in the process now requires me to qualify and perform some shooting requirments of there own before i continue.
That's an interesting hiring process.

Sorry, I can't help you with a holster. When I started I was issued a S&W 6906 then a S&W 4053TSW then a S&W4056TSW and finally my M&P with a Gould & Goodrich K-Force holster. I think you should be able to use a Glock 22 or an XD40 holster also.
Yeah i guess interesting would be a polite way to describe it.... The department has a fairly low budget.. i believe the only thing the department issues is a vest and uniform.... small town
I have a slightly used safariland model 6280 size 19 for the m&p it is black basketweave it's usually a level II holster but since I installed the hood guard and sentry lock safariland classifies it as a level III plus. I had to order it from and it was backordered about 3 months. Im buying a new holster because I just bought a streamlight tlr-2 for the m&p. I also have a really cheap nylon magazine holder that I used in the open enrollment academy, it isn't worth crap but it'll get you through qualification. I have pictures if youre interested email me at [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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