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VERY difficult to operate slide-stop

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I just purchased a new M&P9c for my wife (yay!). At the store, I had to use two hands to depress the slide stop lever to get the slide to go forward. The gun wasn't lubed at all, so I figured the difficulty was due to lack of lube.

Took the pistol home, cleaned and lubed thoroughly, and still have the same problem. I have to press HARD to bring the slide stop down. My other M&P9c isn't like that -- I can easily drop the slide stop one-handed.

Any solution to this problem? I was thinking of polishing the areas where the slide-stop lever and slide contact, because it appears that it is catching there.
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get some dummy round and just keep working it it will loosen up with time. the problem with polishing is you can easily take too much off and get a non functioning slide stop. The other thing is during use when the slide locks open on the last round it will not lock up so firmly so it will be easier to release after the mag change
Dan, thanks for the response. I'll keep working it like you suggested.

By the way, I really love the work you did to my M&P.
While this may seem to be trite, especially in view of the excellent answer that Dan gave, I would have to point out that it is a slide stop and not a slide release. I tend to release the slide on my handguns by gripping the slide with my off-hand, pulling the slide back slightly and then releasing it.
I agree that it is a slide stop.

This is my SHTF gun. For it to be my SHTF gun, my requirements are that I can perform all shooting/reloading functions one-handed, with either hand. Blast through one mag, slide locks back, drop the mag, slam in my backup mag, drop the slide stop, and I'm back to shooting. I don't want it to be difficult, and I don't want to have to use two hands. It's fine on a range fun, but not ok on my EDC.
Deleted because someone got twisted.

Sheez. :roll:
Do we need to have this discussion everytime someone call it a slide release?

The argument is always the same gross motor vs fine motor vs training no one wins this argument.

How about we try and keep this thread on topic...How to fix a stiff slide stop/release or whatever you care to call it.
The slide release on my fullsize is like yours. It seems this is the norm. However, the slide release on my new MPT compact is easily manipulated.
R Salesman said:
I have to press HARD to bring the slide stop down.

Any solution to this problem?

If you don't mind waiting for two-three weeks, give S&W a call, they'll fix it for you.
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