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I have some experience with M&P's. I had the pleasure of attending an instructor level school last spring where we were provided with an M&P 40. Since then I have had a place in my heart for my own M&P. So I finally ordered one several weeks ago and it took about a week for it to arrive.

When I first received the M&P I wiped the outside down along with the magazines and dry fired it some over the weekend. When I arrived on the range on Monday I couldn't wait to get some time to shoot it as my job keeps me on the range a lot lately( 48 hours just last week and I'm there the next two weeks
). So over the last two weeks I have out about 500 rounds through the M&P. I have not cleaned it, except wiping down the outside, nor have I lubed it. It has functioned flawlessly. The trigger is starting to break in nicely with all shooting and dry fire time that it is getting, however I will be performing a trigger job on it soon. I'm using the small grip, as it makes it feel like a 1911 style pistol. It points very well and the felt recoil is very manageable. I have been shooting SPEER Lawmen 230 gr. ball ammo. Also, I desperately need to get a holster and mag carrier for this setup to get more enjoyment out of it at the range. So far I'm very pleased with this weapon and I prefer it over a G21.

Below is a picture of target(actually the scoring directions for a B-27) of the first 30 rounds that I fired through it from 10 yards and it's doing nothing but getting better.

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