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Video Range Report

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We had our monthly IDPA match yesterday and I finally got a chance to shoot a M&P in it. I was shooting full power reloads no gamey stuff this time. The gun performaed flawlessly wish I could say the same about myself. My competition thinking skills were a little rusty with a few months off. Enough excuses here are the videos.

As you can see even with full power loads muzzle rise is minimal, even with less than ideal shooting stances/positions.


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Looks like more fun than I had, we just shot a classifier. I think I'm going to stay ssp, maybe some trigger work, but nothing else. I made SS easy 1st try, and was 5 points away from expert on the 2nd try, and by then I was going crosseyed.
Dan Burwell said:

next month we are shooting the classifier during the afternoon and having our annual Night shoot (doesn't start until the sun goes down). I am pretty sure we will have our shoot house back open for that shoot as well. So you may want to try to get over here for that one.


Does it matter that I'm not a member of IDPA? our club doesn't care, and anyone shoots.
unique that I'm running is really dirty to. I'm going to try tight group next season.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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