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Warped frame????

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Please see the photo below - it's a closeup from a target photo I took and posted on the range report section...

Look at the area where the slide meets the frame at the beavertail.. Note the width of the gap.

Now look at the same gap towards the muzzle - it is a bit wider.

Thoughts? I don't think this is normal.. This is after only 200 rounds.. Maybe it was that way when I bought it ?? Maybe it warped from the heat? Or is it normal?

I just looked at it with my own eyes - not a photo - it is indeed wider , not just a camera angle thing.

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Hmmm.. Not sure whether I should not worry about it or not though.. If it's not supposed to be like that - would S&W do something to remedy it? Is yours the same way?

That just took a HUGE load off my mind!

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