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Warranty card or am I signing up for Junk Mail?????

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I bought a M&P last week and went to fill out what I thought was the Warranty Card. After completing it, the questions on this thing looks like I am signing up for more Junk Mail and Spam.

I see where you can check a box at then end, but why would Smith & Wesson need to know some of this stuff if it wasn't to sell my name to a list????????

Will S&W cover any warranty issues if I don't send in this card?????
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yep, they will still cover it, but sending it in I never got junk mail. Surveys to see where there stuff is going.
I haven't gotten any junk mail or spam from S&W at all, I did get the Team 1852 package which I was expecting, and I got the very nice free range bag that I ordered from S&W.

I registered my MP40 in June, if they were going to load me up with spam or junk mail they have had time to do it, but they haven't.
Good question, Ky. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they sell that info to anyone.
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