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Warren Tactical rear sight question

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I'm just curious why they chose not to serrate the back of the sight?

Has anyone had any glare issues with this sight?

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I think his feeling is that the smooth surface does not draw attention to itself. The whole purpose of this sight is to get your eye on the front sight. The angle of the rear of the sight should prevent any glare. I am very sure that if the well known people that are using these sights thought there was a glare problem it would have been changed.
I have had the opportunity to discuss this with Scott Warren. As UPSguy mentioned Scott believes those serrations just busy up the sight picture and draw attention. There are only two sharp corners on the sight and they are there if you need to take a precise shot. Sharp corners seem to draw your focus and begin to compete with the front sight.

It was explained to me that the history of serrations on the sight blade came from the bullseye

shooters. The serrations where added so the lamp black smoke that they use to blacken the sight blade would adhere better. Really had nothing to do with sight glare.

I think the Warren just might offer the best sight picture ever designed. To give some credibility to the sight for those of you who don’t know Warren is a real shooter. I would venture a guess that this guy dumps more rounds down range than anyone of us. In fact he may shoot more than all of us combined.

Great guy with a great sight. It is definitely worth a try.
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I put the Warren on my M&P9 and its the best fixed sight I've used. Allows me to pick up and focus on front sight quickly, and provide a beautiful sight picture. Although I would prefer an adjustable sight on my guns, these are the fixed sights I'd go with until I can get a Bomar for my M&P.
front sight height?

Does this rear sight require a different front sight height other than than the factory?
The sight rocks.....especially with a FO front. I've noticed no glare problems with it, but I also haven't shot in much other than overcast days since installing it.

Shooting indoors hasn't shown any glare issues either.
I am an extremely picky SOB and I'm keeping the review one and ordering a second. I will be doing some shooting this weekend off of sandbags to make sure the point of aim and impact is still like the factory sight though.
I have had the sight on for about 300 rounds and I do not notice any glare. Some of the best money I spend on my M&P. I have a HiViz front sight as well. A great combination in medium to bright light. The front dissapears in low light though.
Are these sights dropping in pretty easy or is there some fitting that needs to be done?
my first one went in very easy but is not sloppy. I have not tried installing the 2nd one yet as that M&P is off getting an extended threaded barrel.
I have dan's sight on my gun.. well the prototype anyway.

Finally got to hanjdle an M&P with a warren on it, and I'm going to give it a try. The U notch is interesting, and on my 1911, I definitely preferred pyramid style sights to sqquare blades. But the real deciding factors were that the warren is not sharp and that the rear was not serrated and not canted forward. Dan's was gouging up my right arm arm and left hand regularly, and the canted forward rear plane got a lot of light onto the serrations, which meant you REALLY see them and they were exposed to more bumps and bangs. So you wind up with bent serrations and sight black just doesn't completley cover them up to be undistracting.
I am new to this Forum and to the M&P. Where can I order the Warren rear sight???

MadDog :?:
MadDogDan said:
I am new to this Forum and to the M&P. Where can I order the Warren rear sight???

MadDog :?: Just click the link...

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