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Warrenty shipping UPS or fedex?

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What return shipping people does Smith use, UPS or FedEx???

I sent it in with the UPS shipping label they gave me, do they send it back with UPS?
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S&W has the best customer service,, check this out.

I had some ramping problems with the 40.

2 hours after dealing with Customer Service FedX is at my door with a box and a label. The guy is standing in my kitchen when the gun box goes into the Fed X box. He doesnt say a word and takes the box, affixes the label onto it and away it goes.

UPS doesnt do home pickup where FEDX does. If the problem is eggregious S&W will authorize pickup at your house.

The gun is inspected and fixed and returned via UPS over night.

I was totally impressed with the customer service. A great company to invest in via the NASDAQ at $13.41 per share... It's cheap and I bought a ton of shares recently. What better way to support a company you put your trust in? They just had a great quarter.

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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