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What’s everyone keep in their range bag?

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Whats everyone keep in their range bag? This is what I keep in mine.

Spam can opener
Flat head Screwdriver (ak tool)
Shoot n c targets
Bore snake
Leather man
Uplua mag loader
Glock tool
Ear pro
Wheeler micro screwdriver set
Vortex Range finder 1800
Ak front sight tool
Ak operators handbook
Scope/Optic/red dot site tools
First aid kit
Ass wipes
Foam ear plugs
Duck tape
Electrical tape
Pact club 3 Shot timer
Chamber flag
Wheeler screw driver pen
Mojo pick up stick
Kestrel 5000 Wind meter
Rifle kuhl barrel cooler
Lens cloth
Lens pen
Hoppe’s 9 bore light
Air blaster
Paint pen
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All I can remember off hand: Cleaning kit, extra pistol targets, staple gun, stapler, extra staples, ear plugs, a ton of allen wrenches, kite string measured out to 50 yards (used to have to put my own target stand out at 1 range), a few boresnakes, ear muffs

When I go to the range, ammo and mags get put in too.
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