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What’s everyone keep in their range bag?

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Whats everyone keep in their range bag? This is what I keep in mine.

Spam can opener
Flat head Screwdriver (ak tool)
Shoot n c targets
Bore snake
Leather man
Uplua mag loader
Glock tool
Ear pro
Wheeler micro screwdriver set
Vortex Range finder 1800
Ak front sight tool
Ak operators handbook
Scope/Optic/red dot site tools
First aid kit
Ass wipes
Foam ear plugs
Duck tape
Electrical tape
Pact club 3 Shot timer
Chamber flag
Wheeler screw driver pen
Mojo pick up stick
Kestrel 5000 Wind meter
Rifle kuhl barrel cooler
Lens cloth
Lens pen
Hoppe’s 9 bore light
Air blaster
Paint pen
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Foam ear plugs in case someone else might need some
Lens cleaning cloth
Assorted gun/accessory specific tools for making adjustments
No UpLula unless I don't have enough mags for a specific pistol (that doesn't happen often) in which case some extra boxed ammo will be in there

Mostly, loaded magazines - a LOT of loaded magazines
Yeah, that too. I use it to mark suspect magazines.
Gun of the day with matching ammo, holster and mags, mag carriers, CLP, rag, UPLULA, loose ammo in plastic box, shot timer, spare ear plugs, electronic muffs, small folding binoculars, spare muff batteries, staple gun and staples, some tools, various sized (3) range rods for checking bores and removing squibs from folks barrels, small/thin feminine pads for quick bandages, hand towel, wet wipes, sun block, insect repellent, and iced tea in a thermos that attaches to the range bag.

I haul the range bag in a collapsible cart, along with a folding stool, and a beach umbrella (in the summer) that mounts to the cart.
Most of that doesn't fit in my range bag. We got a good rolling airport travel bag for muffs, safety glasses, pistols in their cases, hats and such. The range bag straps onto the top. And still my ARs and targets have to be carried separately.
Hah! I know that feeling. Range bag in one hand, one AR case strap over/around my neck and one shoulder, targets under one arm, another AR case in the other hand, and who knows what else.
Wifey helps a lot. Most of the time I only carry the AR case (I never bring more than one) but it takes 2 of us to strap the range bag to the rolling travel bag.

I come home from the range sometimes (worst example is when my wife goes with me and we can carry more stuff to the firing line) and have 4, maybe 5 pistols and three AR15's to clean before the evening is over. I don't mind cleaning guns, but it can take a long time to clean several after a tiring day loading up to go the range, driving to it, shooting, driving back and carrying stuff back into the house.

Weird how being so tired/dirty was fun.
Indeed, but......

I rarely clean used guns the same day. Sometimes weeks go by before cleaning occurs.

What I routinely do right after a range visit is reload the empty mags. Few things are more useless than an empty mag.

I can't get Wifey interested in gun cleaning. It's probably just as well though. She once put .380 ammo in my 9mm magazine. Nothing exploded, but it was a memorable event.
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