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What 2 do with $180.00 of Bass Pro Gift Cards?

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Went and bought a M&P9c to compliment the M&P40c I aready own. My only problem is the high price of $549.99 that I had to start with. So, I opened a charge account to knock off 10% but they would only subtract the 10% off the already dicounted price from the gift cards.

Oh well, another M&P compact, another Smith&Wesson Range Bag and 2 free 9mm Magazines!
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utarch00 said:

More ammo and a couple of magazines...
You could try selling them on ebay. No you won't get face value, but it should be close and then you can use the cash for whatever. We've sold gift cards quite a bit and have had a lot of success
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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