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I took my M&P45 out for the first time yesterday with 10rds. of hollowpoints I reloaded (GDHP bullet, 5.5gr. Accurate #2, Winchester brass, and CCI large pistol primer.). I also brought along 100rds. of practice ammo I loaded. (200gr. Lead round nose flat point bullet, 4.8gr of Titegroup, Winchester brass, and CCI large pistol primer).

I reload all my ammo; 9mm, .40s&w, and .45acp. I've always loaded my .45s at an Over-all length of 1.250. I had 6 FTFs at the range, and blame it largely on the bullet (lead round nose flat point), but I've got @300 more of these bullets, and want to use them up. I'm thinking maybe I need to make them a little longer.

What are some of yall's successful recipes for this fine piece of defensive machinery?
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