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what is going on

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I'm 27, have a wife and 2 girls... 1 is 3yo and the other just turned one.

We live with my inlaws, and are in a house hunt.

I spent 1 year in college(party), 4 years in the Marines, and am now a professional Cabinet maker and CNC programmer.

I fill my time with Pistols and my savage 308 tackdriver, and riding quads when I'm not playing with my girls.

I'll get a mug shot up when I can...
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chadc said:
29 (28 for another month, but he who's counting) single guy from Charlotte, NC. My girlfriend is really into shooting, so I decided to pick up a gun. Went to a range and shot everything they had (Glocks, P220, etc.) and decided that the M&P was the gun for me. We are taking our CCW course next month (on my B-Day actually). My main hobby is jetski's, I am slightly addicted to them, I currently own 7. 3 are for sale, and I will probably sell one more. I could easily see a AR15 in my near future.
Be careful, Black Rifle Disease is very contagious and almost impossible to cure!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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