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What should my girlfriend use?

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First, my girlfriend is not sure how she is going to carry. She really likes shooting the fullsize M&P, 9 or 40, but I don't see how she can carry that. We are debating between a semi and a wheel gun. Specifically we are thinking about an M&P 9 or 40 compact or a S&W 642.

M&P Pros - She is more comfortable with it (but has very limited experience w/ the wheels), higher capacity, ammo price (either way 9 or 40 I can get it cheaper particularly 40 w/ reload)

642 Pros - Weight, reliability, maintenance, price

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Go with the M&P 40 compact... She is small but strong, she'll be ready.

I'll have an airweight by the time you come out next, you can see if you like.

For a nice gun you both will like go with the above 40 compact :wink:

If later she likes my 38 better you can always get it as a second pistol..
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I think for a woman, and in getting a compact, U'd be better off with the 9mm.... The 40 may be too snappy.
First and foremost let her try to shoot a wheelgun such as a 642 in DA. Many women cannot pull the trigger.

It will not be as easy to shoot as an M&P compact, especially in 9mm. 9mm has lower recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity. Loaded with proper ammo such as Winchester RA9T it is nothing to worry about. If it will be HER gun and SHE likes the M&P better, get that.

For methods of carry do a search and there is a good thread about it.
I bought a 642 awhile back for my wife, but she has a difficult time pulling the trigger. The pull is just to heavy for her. I may have a spring kit installed, but for now she has been keeping a S&W 410 (.40 cal) nearby. The 410 is a traditional double action and she loves the .40 S&W cal. Yesterday, however, I bought her a M&P 9c. She loves it!
She had three palm wells to choose from to insure a great fit for her hand (she chose the large one), and she loves the trigger pull :!: She hasn't shot a M&P Compact in .40, but I believe it may be a little "snappy" for her personally. I'll let her shoot my new M&P Compact 40 as soon as I get it (please don't tell her, it's a surprise; and she may hit me with the frying pan) to compair the two. I, by the way, love the 642 and the compacts. If possible, let her shoot each as other members suggested to find the perfect one for her. Then enjoy!
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I would say a compact, depending on what you currently have now 9 or 40. I personally would stick to the same caliber for ammo resupply issues. Also you can use your fullsize mags with a compact too. Again this my .02 cents...

consider the lady smith

I'm thinking about the 3913L - Lady Smith. It's 9mm with a right-sized grip.

Any comments or facts you know on this gun would be welcome.

Here's a link -
The 3913 is a nice gun. But I much prefer the M&P Compact 9mm.

I think the M&P design and function is much better than the 3rd Gen. Smiths.
I bought two different "Lady" Smiths for my wife - one may have been a 3913L - not sure, it's been a while. Mostly, the Ladysmiths are nothing more than a marketing ploy having some more feminine cosmetics - they are same gun as the regular S&W models. My wife currently carries a 642. I sold her so hard on a revolver back in the day, I can't talk her into a semi now. IMO, the 9mm M&P is the ultimate "Ladysmith" because of the ergos and grip small circumference.
I got my wife a Bersa Thunder 380 to get into shooting. I must admit that the Bersa is pretty comfortable to shoot and I've carried it in an old Glock IWB holster. She carries it sometimes in a purse.

Just a thought.
Female Perspective

Been shooting 9mm Glocks and S&W M&P for quite awhile. Last weekend local gun shop had a S&W day. Had my first chance to shoot an M&P 9mm compact and an Airweight. I found the Airweight almost painful to shoot. Sure wouldn't want to practice with it much. Certainly would be an ok CCW gun, but I'd be far more comfortable and would definitely want to practice and shoot the M&P compact.

Given a choice I'd want the M&P in 9mm or 40 for carry.
I'd have to say MP9c if you are already stocking 9mm ammo. I'm not saying that because it's a woman in question, I'm saying that because she'll be able to get shots off quicker than the 40. Chances are (god forbid she ever have to use it for SD) it would be fairly up close anyway and a 9mm point blank WILL stop the threat.

5 rounds vs 12 rounds = no brainer
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