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what would it cost install a mag disconnect??

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What would it cost install a mag disconnect??

Can someone list all the parts to make one a MD.

I was going to order a compact but they do not have the MD and I would like to have that...
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Easiest way is to get the whole block from brownells:;s=49833#49833.

1. unload the gun

2. Take the slide off

3. Drive out the one roll pin pull the whole block (pulling the trigger will allow you to remove it) put the new block in drive pin back in and you're back in business.
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Dan--thanks, so it looks like it would be an additional 30.00 to the 489.00 Buds price to make it a mag disconnect gun..

Thanks again...
Bud's has the mag disconnect full size guns for $369.

If you want a compact with mag disconnect, im sure a dealer can order it that way for you.
If you buy the gun, I will trade you the parts to add the mag disconnect in exchange for the coil spring your gonna take out to put them in.

Let me know

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DanGT--thanks, I will get back with you today...
Why on earth would you want a mag disconnect?
itr674 said:
DanGT--thanks, I will get back with you today...

Just in case, I will have an extra Sear Block with Mag Disconnect available tomorrow!!

Contact me if you want it!!

DanGTG & ysued--thanks a bunch for replies. Been trying to decide whether to go ahead and buy a Compact without the mag disconnect and then make it a mag disconnect.

Have about decided to wait till the 45 ACP comes out...

Thanks again
No Prob man!!

If anybody else needs the Sear Block with the Mag Disconnect, LMK!!

I'll get it back from dan in the Morning!!

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