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What's best M&P or S&W99(Walther P99)?

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What do you guys think is the best of these pistols?
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Just curious, you are asking this question on the M&P forum. What answer do you predict you will receive?
rledwards said:
Just curious, you are asking this question on the M&P forum. What answer do you predict you will receive?

Since I'm asking about the S&W M&P & the S&W 99, I hope I get an unbiased opinion. I'll also ask the same on a Walther site.
Thanks jtaliani. A friend just came by with his M&P with the small grip. It felt great. Between the posts you put up for me and the grip, I'll stay with the M&P. And the lower cost is an extra plus.
Price was one of the major selling factors for me as well. They are both great guns but I too will stick with the M&P.
The new M&P is cool (I have one), but I like the Walther P-99 better (I have three).

Its funny you ask that. My dept just switched from the Walther P99's to the MP. Honestly, I guess it is a personal preference, but the MP was BY FAR AND ABOVE AND AWAY the winner and preferred choice.

The Walther's were OK, but the MP was favored by 99% of our 300 man dept. For me personally, the MP is a lot better gun (feeling, shooting, grips, trigger, etc, you name it, basically everything about the MP) in my opinion.

I personally would pick up the MP by choice over about anything else (except my CZ's), but the Walther would be way down the line.

I cant even compare these two together, again, my opinion.
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Out of curosity, what dept did U work for? I had heard that some depts had SW99s. But, I never knew of any PD in the US that actually used the Walther version dept wide.
Having owned and shot extensively both the 100% German made Walther P99, the Walther P99 QA (smith and wesson involved in the making of it) and now my recently acquired M&P .40....I'd say the M&P .40. Provided of course, that the MP shows itself to be just as reliable and durable. It has less felt recoil, is at least as accurate, and is even more advanced as far as changeable backstraps. This is my opinion of course, others may and will feel differently. I also like the fact that the front strap is not encumbered by finger grooves, which the P99 does have somewhat, and which Glock is famous for (one size fits none). I say this and I'm a glock armorer. I think between the XD and the M&P, the glock has serious competition if marketing can change anything. Having said that, the P99 is a very good weapon. I just think that Smith has it beat now. Not to mention the fact that this ALL Smth's design, not half german, half American. Makes a difference.
We had the 100% German made Walther. Again, they were good weapons, but I cant even compare the shootability and all the others factors of the MP to the Walther P99's.

Ive shot the Walther P99 and own a Walther P99 QA and still will take the MP w/out question over either Walther. To me, I guess a quick vehicle comparison would be driving a Honda Civic (being the Walther) compared to a Dodge Charger w/ Hemi (being the MP).

Again, just me.
Wife bought a Walther P99, 9mm

I bought the M&P 40cal

Now we can share!
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