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When will the M&P 45's be here?

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"When will you guys be getting the M&P 45's here?" That was the question I asked while visiting a gun shop/range in Atlanta last week. The guy behind the counter barked back " As soon as they start making them!" Wow, you should have seen this guy argue with me that the 45 wasn't available yet and wasn't even in production for that matter. Sorta pissed me off, because I felt he was trying to embarrass me in front of a store full of people. The look on his face when I pulled my newly acquired M&P 45 out of my range bag.........PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!! He then blamed his response on his distributor saying they'd given him bad information.
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Bunch of freakin' rejects is all we have in my area workin' the counter!!
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