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My 2nd and 3rd closest dealers are 30 miles away so I really like the idea supporting my local dealer - a very small shop. It's nice to have somebody close by stay in business. After doing a little research I found he was about $10 cheaper then the second closest - a very well stocked store. And only about $25 more than the the 3rd closest, a guy that sells out of his garage and at gun shows. I'd have to drive at least 60 miles one way to save $40. I'll save that much in gas!

Bottom line: I like doing my part to keep my local guy in business as long as he keeps treating me right.

FYI: I've been using Davidson's Gun Locator, but to comparison shop only. I've never ordered through them. Funny enough it showed me my that my 2nd closest dealer was trying to seriously gouge me on a 1911.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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