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Which grip insert texture is most secure?

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There seem to be three major types of texturing that gunsmiths are applying to the grip inserts on the MP pistol. There are the horizontal grooves, vertical grooves and the stippling process. Which do you feel gives the most secure grip for hot and sweaty hands? I use 3M tread tape on my Glock but the MP has too many rounded areas on the grip for the tape application. :?:
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A nice coarse stippling. Pebbling, I call it. Awesome for hot sweaty days.

Definitely not for concealed carry against bare skin.

Theres a pic of one in the for sale classifieds I was selling.
It is users preference! You need to try Dan Burwell's Sharksin insert, you can find it on the MP-Store here!!
I bought the pebbled gripstrap from Oleyeller and really like the texture, it certainly grips well even when your hands are wet. If you use gloves frequently this may be the best choice. Cosmetically, I prefer the sharkskin texture.
yes, I did.

I use a very fine stippling on my M&P40 for ipsc, along with sure-grip gel on my hands, which is an alcohol based chalk. Its head and tails the best pattern Ive tried for pure grip adhesion, but its rough on soft hands. Dan's sharkskin is a beautiful pattern, Im not going to try and copy that.

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Here is one that Olyeller did for me.

Olyeller does excellent work.

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I got the same pattern as YukonGlocker. OlYeller done them also. I like them alot. Very good grip.
WOW, there are more designs out there than I thought. I would guess that the one by Olyeller starts in the middle centerline of the backstrap and works out to the left and right in columns. Reminds me of a herringbone pattern sports coat I once had. However the stippling pattern looks like one that would be hard to mess up for a beginner like me. What other patterns are there??
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