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ETA: Aside from replacing worn out springs....

Just curious why so many feel the need to swap out the factory guide rod & recoil springs on their M&P's? Have there been issues with the factory assemblies? If the M&Ps are working as good as all of the reports coming in suggest, why mess with it? Certainly there have been some issues that have been addressed by S&W, and there surely will be more to come, as the M&P is a completely new design. But unless the guide rod/recoil spring is the source of a problem, they should be left alone.

I understand that the M&P is NOT a Glock, but I fully hope that the M&P turns out to be reliable as the Glock pistols have been over time, so I can replace my Glocks with M&Ps. The M&P just feels much better in my hand than any Glock ever has. The only time I have ever seen Glocks have issues is when their owners switch out the factory parts for aftermarket parts, (especially guide rods/recoil springs & the extended slide stops) or when they are fed crap ammo.

Im just trying to figure out the need to change out factory parts that work, since for me the only important thing when choosing a gun is that it indeed works when I need it to.

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Running different springs lets you fine tune you pistol to the loads that you make. Mostly for people who tinker or comp shooting.

I shoot loads that are compareable to ranger sxt's all the time, and a heavier spring softens the precieved recoil.

My stocker was also wore out(to much shooting)
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