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I was able to swap out and try three different springs as well as the factory recoil assembly at the range today and I honestly could not tell a heck of a lot of difference between them all. I had an 11#, a 13#, a 20# and the factory (whatever that ## is). If there was any difference in the "feel" or operation of the gun, like recoil or muzzle flip, it was extremely marginal at best. If someone were changing them out behind my back, I might have been able to tell the difference between the 11# and the 20#, but I'm not sure. :?

Someone who does a lot more shooting than I do might be able to appreciate or notice the differences, I suppose.

So, that's about 200 more rounds of problem-free Remington UMC hardball through my MP40 now since that one reluctant Winchester Ranger didn't want to get into the chamber.
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